Meet Our Team

Danie Ives


Affectionately referred to as an Ameristralian by her husband, Danie was born and raised on the east coast of Australia. Having spent 6 months in Tokyo during high school and wanting to live abroad again, she moved to the United States as a senior in university.

An alumnus of the University of Queensland, Australia and the University of California San Diego, Danie holds degrees in psychology and business and has been a full charge bookkeeper since 1992. She founded Adjusted Balance, Inc. in 2005, and has since worked with a wide variety of clients, applying her own experience growing a business to help other small businesses achieve success and financial freedom.

Committed to making a difference, Danie has dedicated her personal time to providing pro-bono services to various churches and non-profits and actively volunteers for charities including Disaster Relief, ASPCA, Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society and Team in Training.

An avid runner, Danie is currently training for her 5th marathon, while caring for 2 rescue dogs you might hear barking in the background when you call!

Jim Brilz

JIM BRILZ, Director of Business Development

Jim Brilz started in good old-fashioned customer service. He first worked at a record store, back when you went into a store to buy music; followed by a 5 star hotel and later in general aviation.

After 4 years managing fueling operations, Jim bought his first aircraft maintenance business in 1994. Less than one year later he bought an aircraft fueling operation from his neighbors at the Oxnard Airport in California.

Jim’s next venture was buying into a struggling hardwood flooring company, that in 2004 made less than $15,000 profit. Under Jim’s guidance the company was making over $200,000 a year profit by 2010 with a 25% profit margin, almost unheard of in the flooring business.

Having been interested in small business and the welfare of small business owners for over 2 decades, Jim went to work with his wife Danie at Adjusted Balance in 2010. Adjusted Balance provides an opportunity for Jim to apply his 22 years of management and customer service experience to pursue his primary purpose. He now uses these skills to help business owners achieve their goals and dreams through sustainable growth.