Real Client Testimonials

Executive Offices

Executive Offices Net Income

We had other bookkeepers before hiring Adjusted Balance, but the losses just kept adding up. Within 3 months of hiring Adjusted Balance we had accurate financials for the first time. Adjusted Balance helped us adjust our pricing and develop a budget that had us in the black almost immediately... and up in 2011 over 10 times what we did in 2010.

Consulting Firm

Consulting Firm Officer Salary

Before hiring Adjusted Balance, we had a full time, in house bookkeeper. She did a good job entering data in QuickBooks and giving us the reports. We thought we were doing great. Then our employee quit and we hired Danie from Adjusted Balance. Her first question was the business looks good, but how is the CEO living on this salary in southern CA? As the CEO and founder of my business I had long since lost sight of the fact that I started this business to provide a lifestyle for myself and a future for my family. Adjusted Balance brought me back to that and with their budgeting help I’ve been able to steadily increase what I take from my business more than 300%. Small business owners are often in it for love, not money, but we still have bills to pay and at Adjusted Balance they realize that we need to get paid too!

Food Production and Wholesaler

Food Production Decreased Debt

When Danie of Adjusted Balance started working for us we had a mountain of debt. The first thing she did with us was develop a budget and help us locate places we could cut costs. Then she developed a debt repayment plan to get us completely out of debt within 5 years. I had always thought being in debt was part of running your own business but as of 2011 – and ahead of schedule – we are debt free and the feeling is amazing. Now all those debt payments go in my pocket and that makes running a business a lot more fun!

Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant Net Income

Since working with Adjusted Balance our net profits have grown every year. Last year we actually broke even. This was momentous for us, Adjusted Balance helped us make a plan and stick to it that dug us out of a half million dollar hole. And we did it during a recession when we expected things to be getting worse!



Hi Danie, I had a few minutes and did some business analysis (since you started), so wanted to share with you. I feel good about the report and our growth and progress. Thanks for all you do to help that :-)

Brazilian Restaurant

Brazilian Restaurant

When I set out to start my own restaurant I was told to expect losses for at least the first 3 years. I realized this meant I had to hire outside help to make sure I knew where every penny went in real time. Shortly after hiring Danie she helped me develop a budget that had us making a profit inside the first year. We just ended our 2nd year with a 6 figure profit - well ahead of industry standards for much more established restaurants - and during a recession no less!

Virtual Offices

Before hiring Danie we were losing money almost every month. I hadn't paid myself for quite a while when she started and figured that was how we were going to get through this. I was shocked when we started on a budget and the first number she plugged in was my salary. I asked her how we could possible afford it and she responded how long would I have a business if I didn't? I figured I had about 4 months savings and then I would have to get a job to pay my own bills. I'd never thought of it that way before. The budget works, we made a profit almost immediately and I now take a 6 figure salary. My family are her biggest fans!

Title Company

I just called to tell you the CPA just left. He told me he was very impressed with the work you have done for me. The audit took days last year, he was only here for a few hours today - and had nothing to correct or adjust. He wished all his clients used you. Just wanted to you to know what a great job I did hiring you!

Magazine Publisher

Danie is quick, efficient and very capable. Perhaps the best compliment was what my accountant said to me about her: 'Danie is incredible. She makes my job easy!' That means I spend less money paying my accountant because Danie has my books so well organized. I highly recommend Danie.

Construction Firm

Before hiring Danie our files were a mess, our books were constantly 3 months behind and we never seemed to know if we had any "usable" money.

Since Danie has been working with us we have been able to ask for any report, any time. It has never taken more than 24 hours to get a response. Our books are up to date every week and our documents are located at a minutes notice in physical and electronic format. Our CPA bills went down by 50% also, which almost fully covers the cost of paying Danie!

Most importantly though, my partner and I get paid regularly now that we have an accurate picture of our cash flow at all times, and we have the information we need to control expenses, improve profitability and obtain capital and financing for expansion.


5 stars. There is no need to look any further, I have found the best bookkeeper ever in Danie and I am very picky. I never have to worry about my books being correct. I would recommend her to anyone.


5 stars! Danie is very detail oriented, very responsive, and she knows her stuff.