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Here’s the bottom line: we don’t want to add a new expense to your business, we want to add a profit center. For every dollar you pay us, getting your time back should generate at least $3 in new revenue.

Let’s face it, you probably didn’t get into business to process paperwork and categorize expenses. Chances are you’re skilled, talented and highly experienced in your field, probably quite passionate about it too. And since you’re in a for-profit business we’ll take a wild guess you’d like to make some money doing it.

But you have a problem. This business of yours has more demands than 3-year-old triplets at Disneyland. From marketing and sales to staff and suppliers, space rental, IT and insurance you could spend days at a time not even thinking about what you are actually in business to deliver.

In theory you could hire people or firms to help with pretty much all of this, but the checks you’d have to pay them aren’t theoretical, they are real money cutting into your bottom line. And often they are real expensive too! We hear this problem every day from our clients and friends who are business owners.

So we had an uncommon thought. What if it wasn’t a new expense? Business owners understand that their largest expense is often one that is never recorded on any profit & loss or cash flow statement. It isn’t even technically an expense. It is unrealized income.

The business owners we work with calculate that their time generates between $150 and $300 of revenue per hour. They also estimate they spend between 3 and 8 hours on bookkeeping and paperwork each week. On the low end that’s creating an unrealized income expense of $23,400 per year. Our average rate for that size client would be less than a third of that amount.

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