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We know a few CPAs and they all have something in common, they’re pretty busy during tax season. And for at least 4 months a year they’d rather prepare tax returns than sort through shoeboxes full of receipts. And as if getting a shoebox isn’t bad enough, sometimes the books were done by the owner, a spouse, the office assistant or someone who knew QuickBooks but wasn’t very educated in actual bookkeeping. And now you have some pretty questionable data and you don’t even have all those receipts to unravel it with.

Bookkeeping is critical to preparing tax returns, but let’s be honest, it’s not nearly as profitable. It’s high volume, low dollar work best done by people like us. People who love the day-to-day details and hate the complexities of tax law.

So we have a proposition: you refer us your clients. We’ll keep their books clean so you can prepare their taxes in less time. We’ll even provide you with a year-end compilation of all the source data you’ll need. No more chasing down that one last W3, 1098 or sales tax return you need to finalize everything.

Faster return preparation and less follow up means you can lower your fee to our mutual clients while making more profit from each return you prepare. And we allow you real time, around the clock access to their books to spend more time analyzing their business and planning their taxes throughout the year. Added value from you to your clients, additional year round income that can help mitigate the highly seasonal nature of CPA revenue streams. We’re pretty sure your clients would rather pay you than the IRS!

Lower fees and lower taxes for our clients. More profit and year round revenues for our CPAs. Doing what we love while helping our clients grow. Now that’s what we call a win-win-win.

And if you need just one more reason, we’ll pay you 10% of the first year fees we receive from any client you refer to us. Of course if you just want us to take over some of your overflow during your busiest season and keep the bookkeeping work for yourself, we can do that too.
Win-win, win-win-win!

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