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Clearly you are not afraid of hard work. Long hours and busy travel schedules are your new BFFs. You didn’t end up successful by leaving the office at 5 sharp and observing every holiday the banks ever dreamed up.

You also didn’t become a successful by doing it all yourself. If you’re anything like me you hired someone to clean the house and mow the lawn first chance you got. You’re not afraid of hard work. You just know your time is better spent growing your company than washing your car. And your family would like to see you at least enough to remember what you look like.

So why after a 60 hour week or a flight back from New York is reconciling your checkbook and paying bills one of your top priorities?

Put the finishing touches on that presentation during your flight, free from the distraction of the estimated tax payment you need to make. Spend more time enjoying your family at home instead of researching nanny tax. Avoid dealing with your personal finances at work because they are, well, personal.

We’re not suggesting you lose control of your finances, but we can help you spend less time on them by spending a few hours on the big picture instead of a whole day recording receipts and paying bills. You’ll have 24/7/365 access to your accounting system and all documentation, just like our business clients, and we’ll provide regular reports customized to your needs.

So if you are looking for a way to improve your personal efficiency and benefit your company or family in the process, here are just some of the things you may never have to do again if you hire a daily money manager.

  • Personalized Bill Paying Services
  • Bank, Credit Card, Money Market and Investment Account Reconciliation
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Projections
  • Expense Reporting
  • Estimated Tax Payments, Nanny Tax and Household Payroll
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Insurance Quotes & Renewals
  • Valuable Asset Inventory
  • Document Management Vault for accounting documents and vital personal records
  • Tax planning co-ordination with your CPA

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