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Help in ActionYou make a real difference in our societies and our lives. Everything from clean water, safe housing and medical research to justice, elder care and preserving music education in lower income schools, our world is better for you, the dedicated few who create real change with limited resources.

And it can’t be easy out there right now. Many of our nonprofit clients tell us their overall donor base is smaller, and the amount of each donation is down, too. Federal, state and local grants are subject to ever increasing complexities both in the application process and monitoring of the funds after distribution.

There’s a good chance you’re working harder for every dollar and have less resources than ever to get that work done. We’re not going to pretend we can help with that. But we might be able to take a few things off your to do list so you can focus on funding and delivering your mission.

  • Tracking By Donor For Tax Receipts, Funding Reports and Future Fundraising Efforts
  • Tracking and Collecting Pledged Donations
  • Monitor Release of Restricted Funds
  • Tracking Accounts Payable and Paying Vendors
  • New Hire Reporting, Payroll Preparation and Quarterly Returns
  • Sales Tax Consulting and Returns
  • Independent Contractor Reporting and 1099 Preparation
  • Tracking Expenses By Category: Administrative, Fund Raising and Program Expenses
  • Setting Up Budgets and Tracking Budget-to-actual Expenses
  • Preparing Regular Statements of Activities and Financial Position
  • Customized Reports for Grant Requests, Donor Solicitations and Board Meetings
  • Co-ordination of Data and Documentation for CPA 990 Preparation

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